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旅のプロの目線を加え、外出しづらくなった方の旅を演出します。有資格者同行などの安心サポート旅をご体験ください。 米寿・傘寿などのお祝い旅行も計画段階からご要望の聞き取り、一つ一つご要望が実現でき、ご旅行先でより大切なお時間をご家族でお過ごしいただけるよう旅の計画をいたします。


■Foreign travel to Japan ( Inbound Tourism):
As your dream concierge, we are here to help you plan and arrange a memorable trip that will excite you and provide you with an exceptional cultural experiences.

With over 30 years of experience and knowledge, you can trust us to provide you with the most memorable luxury travel experience in Japan, created exclusively for you.

We are a special travel agency that can accommodate any request, whether it includes the Temples of Kyoto, Osaka Palace, the best Sushi in Tokyo, or skiing in Niseko,Furano.Nozawa. Travelers of all ages can experience the beauty of Japan and its people. For those needing special services, we will arrange

a care travel package that is difficult for the average traveler to arrange; a trip for the physically challenged to enjoy a trip with ease, or a private getaway to an exotic destination. And oh yes, every visitor to Japan will love a relaxing visit to any of our famous Onsens, be it in the mountains of Hakone or Shinshu.

Our Japanese staff members know and love Japan. We are here for you and ready to create your best memories and a love of Japan.

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開催期間:2023年6月8日 ~ 6月14日

開催地:ミラノ / イタリア

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